Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Can't we ask the "right" questions?

Humpf. I'll just say it. I'm frustrated. Can I get my PhD and several huge research grants, like, tomorrow? Humpf. Or better yet, yesterday.

The source of my angst? I'm just very, very tired of seeing actual scientists/researchers continuing to ask the wrong questions as it relates to the care of preterm infants, newborns and mothers. Why are we doing research that asks if doing A or B is better based on the flawed paradigms within which the ENTIRE medical community works?

Can't we find ways to look at how basic paradigms are sustained despite effective research to the contrary? Shouldn't there be some lithmus test for research proposals that sounds the "uh-huh" alarm when the scientific question is based on the failed paradigm? Yes says me. Et tu?

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