Monday, December 23, 2013

Holistic Happiness

So much has changed since my last post almost 18 months ago!  Let's see, in a nutshell:  existential crisis, graduation from graduate school, recognition of need for major change, action on change via acceptance of new position, moving family out of state, and subsequent huge sense of peace, clarity and contentment.  I love the phrase "bloom where you are planted" but there definitely comes a time when knowing when to up-root and find more fertile ground is just as valid.  That is what the existential crisis was all about, realizing that in order to fulfill my personal and professional mission, that I had to accept the then, current limitations as signs that I given over control of my own destiny to too many others.  I had to re-center myself and take stock of who I was and what was important to me.  And with that realization and willingness to be open to something new, it was as if I shed a thousand pounds and could see things clearly again, like that first time I wore glasses and said, "oh my, there are twigs on the ends of those branches!"  Maintaining that same openness and attitude of acceptance has literally opened doors for me and my family.  We are all thriving, physically, emotionally and spiritually, in ways that I could only have imagined, and the affirmations, in big and small ways, keep coming.  I know challenges will come and the crystal vision will dim as we all get immersed in the drudgeries of daily living, but I hope I will manage to keep gratitude and openness at the heart of all I do.  

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