Sunday, May 9, 2010

Before a new beginning, there has to be an end

So, tomorrow is the big day. The day my life changes. Okay, so I'm fairly dramatic. I'm like that. But seriously, tomorrow I'm giving notice to my employer. I've done amazing things there, with amazing people. Why leave? I'm starting grad school in the Fall at the wonderful Erikson Institute. Twenty-three years after graduating college, I am finally making this leap to get on the path towards a PhD. A lot has led up to this moment and I'm amazingly excited and overjoyed to start. But that's not why I'm leaving my current job. On the other hand, the job is the reason for the education. I want to be the BEST advocate and create the change I KNOW can be achieved for families who must endure the challenge of a prematurely born baby. Respectful maternal and child care is my personal and professional passion. At any rate, I am leaving my job to go to school and to work at the same Erikson Institute with the fabulous Fussy Baby Network. I'll be sharing lots about that and my journey as a "mature" graduate student along with plenty of thoughts on cesarean awareness, vaginal birth after cesarean (had my own after 2 c/s in 2006), breastfeeding, brain development, attachment theory, peaceful parenting and the ethological aspects of human attachment and development. That should keep us busy for awhile. :-)

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