Monday, May 10, 2010

I did it!

My stomach was "tied in rows" (as in one of my favorite songs, guess which one?)as I summoned up the courage to tell my colleague that I was planning my big move into a new job in addition to going to graduate school. It was a big suprise for her. I felt horrible that she was so overwhelmed and sad. It will be a difficult transition for us. On a brighter note, when I told my boss she was amazing! Very supportive and excited for me to pursue my degree. She's letting me keep a small percentage of my position so that I can still be a NIDCAP Trainer and help out on special projects as needed. This is GREAT news. One of the best aspects of my current job is when I get to share the amazing insights of how a tiny baby "speaks" to us with his/her behavior. Helping other NICU professionals use this knowledge to support families and babies in increasingly sensitive ways is a real joy!

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